Last Chance: Flik’s Fun Fair

Flik and his friends are about to be squashed at Disney California Adventure.

The “bug’s life” crew has been operating Flik’s Fun Fair in the “Bug’s Land” section of the park since 2002 and it’s time to make way for some new kids in the neighborhood: Guardians of the Galaxy are expanding their presence in the park with a Marvel-themed land. Set to open in 2020, the Guardians need the real estate currently occupied by four attractions that make up the mutant insects’ carnival.

This summer will be your last to ride Flik’s Flyers, Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train, Francis’s Ladybug Boogie and Tuck ‘n Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies. Plus the option to cool off in Princess Dot Puddle Park. Our family said its farewell this spring, even the members that have admittedly outgrown these rides. It’s very possible to check them off fairly quickly if it’s a slower day at Disney’s California Adventure: 

Flik’s Flyers takes you spinning high above Bug’s Land in oversized takeout boxes and other creative containers the bugs have fashioned into a carnival ride.

Heimlich, the German caterpillar, takes you on a tour of his half-eaten pantry aboard the aptly named Chew Chew Train. This is the gentlest of the Bugs Land attractions and one of the few in the whole of the park that the very youngest visitors should have no problem riding.

Take a jazzy turn on Francis’s Ladybug Boogie – reminiscent of the Mad Tea Party ride only without the opportunity to control the spinning. Ride this one before lunch.

Tuck ‘n Roll’s Buggies are classic bumper cars you get all of a minute and a half to chase your siblings around in. Be warned that while the ride itself is brief, the line you will wait in to ride is maddeningly slow.

Finally, when you need to cool your preschooler off, there’s Princess Dot Puddle Park. It’s little more than jumping fountains surrounded by supersized foliage, but it does the trick on a hot day.

Parents of pint-sized tourists will mourn the loss of Flik’s Fun Fair attractions. Incorporate a stop to this creepy-crawly carnival at Disney California Adventure before it’s hit with the bug spray and gone for good.

[Flik’s Fun Fair, along with the rest of “a bug’s land” closed September 5, 2018.]

Location: Find Flik’s Fun Fair in “a bug’s land” section of Disney California Adventure Park, Disneyland Resort.

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