Catch O Canada! at Epcot’s Canada Pavilion

MH o canada epcotFor you Disney regulars: you know that one attraction? The one that, for whatever reason, constantly evades your schedule? The one you keep meaning to hit, but it’s never a priority, so all of a sudden you’ve taken a dozen trips to Disney and you still haven’t checked it off your list? That was Epcot’s O Canada! for our family. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that we’re 1) always toting young children around and 2) we normally start World Showcase with Mexico and work our way clockwise — so that  we either 1) don’t have enough energy to make it to Canada or 2) are too spent once there to subject the kids to the 18-minute Circle-Vision film.

Because it took us so many years to see O Canada!, we missed seeing the original version that played in the Canada Pavilion’s theater from 1982 to 2007. I had to look it up on youtube in order to compare it to the film that plays today. Being a fan of the “old Epcot”, I rather liked the original. Much of the footage was retained for the update and Canadian Martin Short was tapped to inject some humor into it (debatable whether or not that’s considered an improvement). The shots of the Canadian Rockies, Niagara Falls, and the cityscapes are particularly lovely.

MH o canada epcotIt’s notable that the path to the Circle-Vision theater is beautiful as well. It meanders through a re-creation of Victoria’s Butchart Gardens, past a rocky waterfall, and through a gorge into the Maple Leaf Mine, where the film is shown.

Location: O Canada! plays in the Canada Pavilion of World Showcase, Epcot Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort.

Touring tip: The Kidcot stop is located at the exit to O Canada! and is a handy place if you need to wait for the next showing.

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