Enjoy: Being selected “Family of the Night” at Olivia’s Cafe

What was it that the staff saw in us that evening when we came through the door of Olivia’s Café? Likely they saw us exactly as we were: a maxed-out mom and dad with an armload of little ones, in our last throes of a busy, but wonderful week at Walt Disney World. Perhaps they sensed we could use a little extra pixie dust thrown our way. Whatever the reason, our Mouse Holiday family was thrilled to be chosen – by Olivia herself, according to legend – as “Family of the Night”!

MH olivia's cafe

The honor was not bestowed upon us right away. First, we eased into the beachy, relaxed restaurant. The walls are adorned with fishing knickknacks and framed photos of Disney Vacation Club members who own at Old Key West Resort. The menu is also flavored with Conch Republic influence: conch chowder and fritters, tropical dressings on meat and fish, and an awesome key lime tart for dessert.
We were about halfway through dinner when the announcement was made. (And let me just say that I had a total sixth sense moment here; I knew instantly they were going to call out our family’s name – probably because I was in the middle of feeding the baby.)

 Our kids were delighted! Princess balloons and ice cream sundaes (that the kids could decorate themselves with syrup and sprinkles) were brought to the table, and the dinner guests clapped as though we were visiting dignitaries instead of Midwesterners come to crash a friend’s DVC. We even received a small certificate to commemorate our “Magical Moment”; a truly memorable way to wrap up another successful vacation.

Location: Olivia’s Cafe is located within Disney’s Old Key West Resort, Walt Disney World Resort.

Touring tip: Ferry service to Disney’s Old Key West Resort departs daily from the Downtown Disney Marketplace, 10:30am – 11pm.

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