Spot: Siamangs in the Asian temple ruins at Animal Kingdom

Pause for a few minutes to watch these playful siamangs – members of the gibbon family – deftly navigate the beautiful temple ruins that make up their habitat at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

As with all things Disney, the siamang exhibit tells a story. It’s the tale of the people of Anandapur (the fictional kingdom that comprises the Asia portion of Animal Kingdom) and their desire to preserve these ancient temples. The scaffolding and ropes surrounding the ruins supposedly serve a dual purpose: to allow repairs to be made on the temples, and to amuse the siamangs that have taken up residence in them.

Work on the temples, however, has been delayed by the region’s flood season. The waters of the (also fictional) Chakranadi and Kali rivers have risen to the doors of the temples, leaving the siamangs and white-cheeked gibbons to frolic indefinitely to the joy of those who pause to look.

Location: The siamang and gibbon exhibits are located in the Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort, near the Kali River Rapids attraction.

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