Dig It: The Boneyard Fossil Fun Site

Though we have scores of indoor and outdoor playground options in our hometown, I rarely mind spending chunks of touring time visiting Disney’s play areas. Spaces like The Boneyard Fossil Fun Site at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are a welcome relief to our kids – who need more than a little wiggle room after basically being tethered to parents at a theme park all day. At first sight of that caution-yellow, three-story corkscrew slide, they’re off and running.  Just about the only thing that will draw them back to us is a needed gulp of water after exploring this open-air dinosaur dig-site playground!

It’s important to know that at The Boneyard, you should be comfortable letting your kids (at least ages 4 and up, possibly younger if the kids are sturdy and adventurous) out of your sight for a period of time. It’s very difficult to keep tabs on them as they clamber up and over cargo nets and bridges, through caves and tunnels, and disappear down slides. This is where you’ve got a shot at letting go and relaxing for a bit – unless, of course, you’ve got curious toddlers who will insist on exploring the spaces of the playground closer to the ground. There are pint-sized slides, a wall of musical bones and dino footprints that deliver a surprise when you stomp on them!

MH the boneyard animal kingdom

During the warmest months, The Boneyard can be stifling. Try cooling off at the covered, connected sandpit (where the “sand” is actually pebbles that brush off easily). Kids can unearth some pretty convincing dino specimens. Parents can chill out with their young ones in full view. Theoretically, all should emerge refreshed and ready to hit the second half of the park!

Location: Find The Boneyard in the DinoLand U.S.A. section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort.

Touring Tip: If it might put your mind at ease, know that there’s only one entrance into The Boneyard, the gate is quite small, and is manned by a Cast Member.

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