Disney Classic: The Hall of Presidents

This one has never been a great favorite of my children – a little too long, a little too educational (heaven forbid, but given their extra tender ages, we’ll give them a break). However, Dad and I really enjoy the Morgan Freeman narrated-show, especially the Presidential roll call at the end. I’ve always loved – even as a child myself – watching the growing collection of Presidents introduced one by one, each nodding to the audience and reacting to speeches given by George Washington and the current Chief Executive Officer. Our hope is that if we keep bringing our kids, each time they watch the show they’ll retain a little more of the story, understand a bit more of the history of our democracy.

MH hall of presidentsThe show begins by introducing Washington as a war hero selected by his peers (a revolutionary concept) to lead our new country. The film then moves into the subject of slavery and spotlights an Audio-Animatronic of Abraham Lincoln reciting the Gettysburg Address. After a few of the more modern Presidents are highlighted, the entire cast of Execs takes the stage for a stirring finale that includes our current leader reciting the Oath of Office.

So you can understand, we don’t expect our kids to develop a passion for this attraction overnight! There may be a few more years ahead where I’ll catch myself singing along to the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” at the end of the show: “Glory, glory Hallelujah, our kids have gone to sleep!”

Location: Find The Hall of Presidents in the Liberty Square section of Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort.

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