Fit our family into a phone booth in the UK Pavilion

I wouldn’t have guessed that the iconic phone booths in Epcot’s UK Pavilion would entertain for so long – but I wasn’t complaining. It was our girls’ first time exploring this particular World Showcase pavilion; they had never seen these bright red beacons of telecommunication. Or even seen a pay phone used, for that matter. It was extra novel to barricade themselves inside the booths and pretend to make secret calls!

Speaking of making calls, I don’t know if it has ever actually been possible to make outgoing calls from the booths.  But up until earlier this year, calls could be made to the three phones (plus one in the Canada Pavilion). It was common for guests to walk by the booths as one was ringing, pick up the receiver and be greeted from a faraway fan (or perhaps as a prank from someone right there in the park with you!). Just called the phone numbers (readily available on the net) to verify: Nope, my calls “cannot be completed as dialed”. A little piece of magic I missed out on.

Oh, and no, we didn’t actually try to fit our entire family inside one of those stuffy booths…this time…but as our four little ones are only going to get bigger, we probably shouldn’t have put it off!

Location: Find the phone booths in the United Kingdom Pavilion of World Showcase, Epcot Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort.

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