Character Series: Meet Mulan in World Showcase’s China Pavilion

MH mulan china pavilionQuite possibly I was the most starstruck person in the family on meeting Mulan in Epcot’s China Pavilion. She’s been my favorite Disney “princess” for years. Not-so-secretly I was thrilled when the kids were game to wait in a lengthy, humid (but shaded) queue to meet her. I tasked our eight-year-old son with collecting Mulan’s autograph for me and totally relished watching his cool attitude immediately break down when she started chatting with him. He suavely treated Mulan to his very best Mushu impression.

Speaking of Mushu, where were he and Khan? The kids were curious. “Oh, he’s with the ancestors,” Mulan explained, perfectly in character. “He has a new job as a guardian now, you know.” The kids did know, but they were tickled to hear it from Mulan herself!

MH mulan china pavilion

Location: Mulan greets guests several times daily outside the Temple of Heaven in the China Pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase, Walt Disney World Resort.

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