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Enjoy: Fish ‘n chips from Yorkshire County Fish Shop

A basket of fish ‘n chips and a Harp lager in his grasp while wandering World Showcase might have been my husband’s favorite memory of a recent trip to Epcot. The highly portable dinner had come from the Yorkshire County

Play Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure!

MH kim possible world showcase adventureWhen this World Showcase Adventure game debuted, Kim Possible and her team were the characters charged with keeping the peace in the World Showcase pavilions. My son had never even heard of Kim Possible, but that didn’t dampen his enjoyment

Belly dance to Mo’Rockin, Morocco Pavilion

Our daughter was plucked from the crowd this summer in Epcot’s World Showcase for a belly dancing lesson! We had paused in the exotic Morocco Pavilion just as its signature act Mo’Rockin was warming up. Perfect timing to catch some