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Fit our family into a phone booth in the UK Pavilion

I wouldn’t have guessed that the iconic phone booths in Epcot’s UK Pavilion would entertain for so long – but I wasn’t complaining. It was our girls’ first time exploring this particular World Showcase pavilion; they had never seen these

Catch O Canada! at Epcot’s Canada Pavilion

MH o canada epcotFor you Disney regulars: you know that one attraction? The one that, for whatever reason, constantly evades your schedule? The one you keep meaning to hit, but it’s never a priority, so all of a sudden you’ve taken a

Finding fountains at Epcot: World Showcase Part 2

MH epcot world showcase fountainsWe’re back in World Showcase, seeking out a second set of fountains that speak to the role of water in the Disney theme parks. The three fountains shown are displayed prominently — two are anchoring squares within the pavilions, and

“Focus, Dude” at Turtle Talk with Crush

We made a great memory several years ago at Epcot when Crush singled out our then-4-year-old daughter to chat with. The attraction does a remarkable job of animating the surfer sea turtle from Finding Nemo in real-time so he can

Character Series: Meet Mulan in World Showcase’s China Pavilion

MH mulan china pavilionQuite possibly I was the most starstruck person in the family on meeting Mulan in Epcot’s China Pavilion. She’s been my favorite Disney “princess” for years. Not-so-secretly I was thrilled when the kids were game to wait in a

Finding Fountains at Epcot : World Showcase Part 1

MH epcot world showcase fountains

This aims to be the first in a series of posts about the role of water in the Disney theme parks. Water is so incredibly versatile in its beauty. Depending on the way it’s contained or displayed, water’s emotions can …

Swim with Nemo & Friends at The Seas

MH seas with nemo & friendsI have a soft spot for the ride-through attraction at The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion. It was just about the first ride my firstborn experienced on his first trip to Walt Disney World – and to continue

Disney Classic: Spaceship Earth

It’s the beacon of Epcot, the icon of what became of Walt Disney’s vision for a “community of the future” and the capsule in which, long ago, my husband believed the entire theme park was contained. I’m speaking, of course,

Character Series: Meet Snow White

MH snow white germany pavilionWhere can you meet the Fairest in the Land? (Let me quick consult my Magic Mirror…) Mirror reports back: Perhaps the easiest spot to meet this princess is at her wishing well in the Germany Pavilion of World Showcase at