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Last Chance: Flik’s Fun Fair

Flik and his friends are about to be squashed at Disney California Adventure. …

Shoot the rapids on Grizzly River Run

Do you dare to shoot the whitewater rapids of Grizzly River Run? Better hope it’s a scorching day in the California parklands — because your chances of escaping without a massive dousing are slim.…

Swingin’ with the Silly Symphony

Back in 1935, Walt Disney Productions released a little animated feature called The Band Concert. It was the first time audiences got to see Mickey Mouse in color — in this case, he was seething in color as a frustrated …

Take a drawing lesson at Animation Academy

I have a thick folder dating back many years containing a charming collection of Disney characters my children have drawn me. Secretly, these are my favorite works of art to receive from them. It’s been awesome watching the characters evolve …

Earn Wilderness Explorer Badges on the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

We quickly discovered that in order for the kids to earn these badges on the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, we had to be willing to set quite a chunk of time aside for the elaborate wilderness-themed playground. With rocks

Spot: Toy Story Zoetrope

After we did the background check and understood what a zoetrope is, we were really looking forward to finding this exhibit in Disneyland’s Animation building. Pixar’s John Lassetter created this zoetrope to better teach how the illusion of animation actually

Risking It’s Tough to Be a Bug!

I was truly conflicted about this one. As a Disney guidebook connoisseur, I had read plenty of feedback about this “4-D” theater show. And what I’d read had me pretty wary. Our kids were familiar with – and not scared