Saddle up “Jingles” on King Arthur Carrousel

She was Walt’s favorite horse. Christened “Jingles” for the ornate carvings of jingle bells on her saddle and cantle, she’s the plum ride on King Arthur’s Carrousel for those in the know. Lovely touches on Jingles include tributes to Julie Andrews and her famous role in Mary Poppins: a quartered crest of images special to the film on the saddle and an umbrella on the blanket. Other bits of glitz on the horse are the beautifully-painted rosettes on her head, a jeweled Hidden Mickey on her rump, and a breastband embossed with a Disney “D”. Jingles was dedicated to Julie Andrews in 2008.

Location: Jingles is located among the steeds on King Arthur Carrousel in the Fantasyland section of Disneyland Park, Disneyland Resort.

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