Learn some new jokes on the Jungle Cruise

I remember being an 11-year-old riding the Magic Kingdom’s “world famous” Jungle Cruise for the first time: was the skipper for real? What possessed him to spout off corny jokes the entire trip down the great rivers of the world? By age 17 I’d wizened up. No way was it coincidental that all the Jungle Cruise guides had a penchant for comedy. And, by the time I was a honeymooner, finally had a soft spot for the witty spiels and classic commentary. Indeed, the jokes and puns are likely why we ride it.

It’s not the for animals, for sure. Don’t jump on the “Amazon Annie” or the “Irrawadddy Irma” expecting to see exotic species populating the jungles you cruise through. At least, not live species. These are of the Animatronic variety, but they manage to entertain and lend themselves to the skipper’s spiel. (And yes, I took the above photo myself back on my very first cruise in the early ’90s.)

Have you heard the latest about “Dr. Albert Falls” and the backside of water? Have you had the chance to attend the “Republican National Convention” (aka the elephant herd)? Did you get to meet the “uninvited guests” (monkeys) trashing the safari camp? Oh, and don’t miss all the jokes about the zebra at the “Hard Rock Cafe”! With each new ride comes new souvenir punch lines.

Location: Jungle Cruise is located in the Adventureland sections of both Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Park, Disneyland Resort.

Touring tip: If you visit during the holiday season, be sure to ride the “Jingle Cruise” for new jokes, gags and scenery!

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