“Kill” Time in the Haunted Mansion Interactive Queue

Got some time to kill in line? Or are you just dying to join your 999 happy haunts in their ghostly retreat? If you dare, take a detour into the interactive graveyard queue of this classic attraction for some fun encounters with both familiar and new faces of the Haunted Mansion.

For instance, a family of busts to greet you upon your arrival, hoping you’ll be able to figure out “whodunit?” Pay careful attention to the epitaphs on their gravestones for a clue. This particularly distracts the older kids while waiting to ride through the Mansion.

Less grisly and decidedly more kid-friendly is the “Composer’s Crypt” where my kids can press raised carvings of musical instruments to compose the Haunted Mansion’s main melody “Grim Grinning Ghosts”. One side of the crypt’s wall is composed of normal instruments, the other bizarre looking and sounding. A “Ravenscroft” organ, replica of one found in the Mansion’s ballroom scene, also plays the tune and mists those who take to the keyboard with a ghostly vapor.

Other ways to pass time time: try your hand at solving the “crypto-gram” sprinkled on the spines of books that pop themselves off the shelf in the Library Crypt. Or assist the Mansion’s resident poetess, Prudence, in completing her stanzas. During those steamier days at the parks there’s a second place to cool off in the queue: the leaky tomb of a sea captain alternately sprays streams of water and bubbles, evidence of his untimely fate. And of course, it’s always a diversion to seek out the gravestones scattered throughout the queue and learn about the ghosts you’re about to encounter!

And if time is on your side and there isn’t enough of it to fully explore the interactive elements to the Haunted Mansion queue, then all the more reason to “hurry back….hurry back…”

Location: Loiter in the Haunted Mansion’s interactive queue in the Liberty Square section of Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort.

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