Disney Classic: Country Bear Jamboree

The Country Bears: what’s your take? Do you cling to the last threadbare pieces of the original Magic Kingdom? Do you wish the veteran bears would make a date with the taxidermist? Or are you kind of “meh” about the whole hoedown – you’ll stop in to reminisce if you’re in the neighborhood but don’t take it hard if there isn’t time? Our family doesn’t often fit the bears into our schedule; in fact, half of our children have yet to be introduced to Buff, Melvin, Liverlips McGrowl, Teddi Barra, and Big Al crooning their twangy tunes.

That said, this is a classic attraction. One that opened with the Magic Kingdom in 1971 and was designed and voiced by Disney legends. And that counts for a lot — at least in my neck of the woods. Jam on, Country Bears.

Location: Find the Country Bear Jamboree at home in the Frontierland section of Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort.

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