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Shop: The LEGO Store in the Downtown Disney Marketplace

The LEGO Store in the Downtown Disney Marketplace will forever be known as the site of our two-year-old daughter’s biggest meltdown to date. She was that upset about having to share space at the littlest outdoor Duplo table. A (very) …

Disney Classic: Muppet Vision 3D

I have seen this classic attraction so very many times. Yet I still turn in the direction of the Streets of America at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and feel as though I need to check in with these relics of my

“Focus, Dude” at Turtle Talk with Crush

We made a great memory several years ago at Epcot when Crush singled out our then-4-year-old daughter to chat with. The attraction does a remarkable job of animating the surfer sea turtle from Finding Nemo in real-time so he can

Character Series: Meet Mulan in World Showcase’s China Pavilion

MH mulan china pavilionQuite possibly I was the most starstruck person in the family on meeting Mulan in Epcot’s China Pavilion. She’s been my favorite Disney “princess” for years. Not-so-secretly I was thrilled when the kids were game to wait in a

Get a “wake-up call” from Mickey

mickey wake up callThere are very few mornings a year when I’m likely to bounce out of bed by sunrise raring to get at the day. No alarm clock needed here, not while I’m at Disney. Often I’ll have slept only marginally the

Last Chance: Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

So thank goodness we came jogging up mere minutes before the 1:30pm show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! The next chance to watch it would have been three hours later; after that, who knows? Rumors have persisted that this behind-the-scenes-style stunt

Enjoy: Being selected “Family of the Night” at Olivia’s Cafe

What was it that the staff saw in us that evening when we came through the door of Olivia’s Café? Likely they saw us exactly as we were: a maxed-out mom and dad with an armload of little ones, …

Finding Fountains at Epcot : World Showcase Part 1

MH epcot world showcase fountains

This aims to be the first in a series of posts about the role of water in the Disney theme parks. Water is so incredibly versatile in its beauty. Depending on the way it’s contained or displayed, water’s emotions can …

Kid Wish: TriceraTop Spin

MH triceratop spin There’s not a whole lot else to say about this spinner except to call it the Dumbo of the Animal Kingdom. It’s a very simple hub-and-spoke style carnival ride without much of a theme or a Disney film tie-in. It’s