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Learn some new jokes on the Jungle Cruise

I remember being an 11-year-old riding the Magic Kingdom’s “world famous” Jungle Cruise for the first time: was the skipper for real? What possessed him to spout off corny jokes the entire trip down the great rivers of the world? …

“it’s a small world holiday” at Disneyland Park

PicMonkey Collage small world holiday - Copy

Need a bit of a reprieve from one of the most infectious, yet overplayed songs in the world? Note to self, schedule your next trip to Disneyland Park during the holiday season when the famous peace-promoting theme song is interspersed …

Uncover secrets at Smugglers’ Cove on Tom Sawyer Island

One thing I clearly remember thinking about Disney when I was a child: they sure did love themselves some skeletons. There seemed to be bones lying around all over the place – Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, and

Disney Classic: Pinocchio’s Daring Journey

I’ll tell you, Pinocchio doesn’t enjoy many screenings around our house. There so many elements of the film that frighten the kids and, frankly, creep me out as well (stranger abductions, children morphing into donkeys…). If the kids should find

Catch Mickey’s and Minnie’s 1928 debut in Steamboat Willie

We finally ended up popping into this rather obscure little attraction this past fall in order to escape throngs of families lining the streets for the evening parade. All we were searching for was a bare patch of ground to …

Hitch a ride on the Main Street Vehicles

Cruising down the Magic Kingdom’s main drag in one of the Main Street Vehicles  requires some departure from our usual traffic patterns. Like many families, when we enter the park in the morning we’re on a mission. Usually it’s to

Snow White’s Scary Adventures lives on at Disneyland

Nothing personal, Fairest One, but your namesake attraction was never on the top of our list during visits to the Magic Kingdom. “Bordering on frightening” is written in one of the margins of a trip journal (yes, we had toddlers

Train with the Jedi Academy

Personally, I’m not a big Star Wars buff. But, I figured, how fun would it be to watch my kids train as young Padawans? If stage fright didn’t rear its head, I knew my son, Andy, would love to don …

Disney Classic: Storybook Land Canal Boats
Disney Classic: Storybook Land Canal Boats

Once you’ve navigated the belly of Monstro the whale, it’s smooth sailing on the Storybook Land Canal Boats. Eleven diminutive scenes lifted from classic Disney animated features make up a miniature gardener’s dream. Not having a green thumb myself,