Arrrgh! Pirates IN the Caribbean on Disney Cruise Line

Avast ye Cruisers! Most Disney Cruise Line itineraries feature a Pirate Night during the voyage to allow you to immerse yourselves in the Pirate’s Life as much or as little as you choose. There is a special pirate theme at dinner, pirate games to partake in, a high-spirited deck party awash with buccaneers, and on many cruises, a fireworks spectacle at sea! Here’s a quick rundown of the events our family enjoys participating in. Savvy? (more…)

Splash with Huey, Duey & Louie in Nephews’ Splash Zone on the Disney Magic

This post is short and sweet, just like the toddler who loved the Nephews’ Splash Zone on our cruise on the Disney Magic this past spring. The water play area features three spurting mini-boilers shaped like Uncle Donald’s nephews as well as a few pop jets for added thrill. It’s also completely shaded and glassed-in. Check out the nephews’ hand-drawn splash zone blueprint on the wall!

Location: Nephews’ Splash Zone is located within the AquaLab pool area on Deck 9, Disney Magic cruise ship.

Touring tip: Nephews’ Splash Zone is intended for children under 3 years of age and is great if you’ve got toddlers who are not yet toilet trained.

Slides and thrills on Disney Magic’s AquaDunk!

“3-2-1 blast-off!” chorus Donald’s nephews Huey, Duey and Louie before the trap door beneath your feet falls away and you plunge twenty feet out over the side of the Disney Magic, culminating in a dramatic splashdown. Wow! The new AquaDunk waterslide on Disney Cruise Line’s re-imagined Disney Magic ship is a total rush – at least from my mom-to-4 perspective. I’ll admit when I climbed into the launch capsule and the door closed over me I was feeling some butterflies. I had to go through with the slide, though, because I’d just bribed my son before me to ride and assured him he would love it.

Spring Break Cruise on the Disney Magic

I should have followed my gut instinct and booked our family’s first Disney cruise months in advance. I didn’t, however, and instead drew up a much different spring break jaunt. My reasoning mostly had to do with cost; Disney is not exactly renowned for their budget-friendly cruise fares. But even with our second-choice destination’s airfare purchased, hotel booked and a game plan in shape, I was having nagging regrets about not going with the cruise. We were two weeks out from spring break when – after much persistence – a deal popped up while I was online getting cruise quotes. There was no time to waffle; we pounced. (In truth, as it usually goes, I persuaded the tolerant TourDad to pounce along with me.) (more…)

Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story

Suppose Cinderella’s bitter stepfamily had gotten their paws on her glass slipper before the Grand Duke arrived for the fitting? That’s the twist this talented cast explores in the musical stage show Twice Charmed, performed exclusively on the Disney Magic cruise ship. Lady Tremaine’s Evil Fairy Godfather – Franco DiFortunato – is the villain responsible for throwing a wrench into Cinderella’s happily ever after. With Franco’s help, the clumsy, bickering Stepsisters get a second chance at snaring the heart of the Prince. It’s up to Cinderella (with a little aid from her own Fairy Godmother) to believe that her inner beauty will be sufficient ammo to win the prince back. (more…)

New Experiences and Reimagined Spaces Onboard the Disney Magic

Later this month, Disney Cruise Line will unveil exciting new enhancements and reimagined spaces onboard its pioneer cruise ship, the Disney Magic. After completing a month-long dry dock in Cadiz, Spain, we can anticipate the following highlights when the ship re-launches: (more…)