Saying farewell to Ellen’s Energy Adventure

We’re all in agreement that Ellen’s Energy Adventure is a bit of a dinosaur. The education on the origins of energy Ellen DeGeneres receives in her time-traveling trip with Bill Nye the Science Guy was fresh, what, 20 years ago? Not even a magical Disney makeover is going to save this stale show from the chopping block.

That said, our four children have grown up with Ellen, Bill, “Stupid Judy” and the rest of the Jeopardy crew —  and will be sad to see them go. Also, dinosaurs! Mom and Dad grew up in the era of the original Universe of Energy attraction, which consisted first of some “totally uncool” film footage. We didn’t mind sitting through it, though, to get to those dino dioramas! The dioramas still stand for the current generation and include a trip through primeval swamps filled with prehistoric species.

Energy, you may “make the world go round”, but that may not be enough to save your spot at Epcot.

Location: Find Ellen’s Energy Adventure — while you still can — in the Future World section of Epcot Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort.

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