Shop: The LEGO Store in the Downtown Disney Marketplace

The LEGO Store in the Downtown Disney Marketplace will forever be known as the site of our two-year-old daughter’s biggest meltdown to date. She was that upset about having to share space at the littlest outdoor Duplo table. A (very) small fraction of me was happy she was so engaged in building her masterpiece. The rest of me was frazzled and disappointed that we had to vamoose so quickly from Downtown Disney.

At least we were able to fit in some fun activities at the LEGO Store before our hurried exit:

Such as scoping out the massively cool LEGO sculptures on display – Prince Phillip facing Maleficent as the fire-breathing dragon, for one, and a vignette of the Seven Dwarfs.

MH LEGO store downtown disney

The LEGO bricks for building vehicles and the track for racing them were a hit with our nearly-nine-year-old son. He was also drawn to the computer stations inside the store where LEGO enthusiasts can get help designing and building models.

And, of course, there was some shopping going on. The Downtown Disney LEGO Store has got a great selection of kits as well as two sizes of cups you can purchase and fill with your choice of individual LEGO bricks. Our seven-year-old daughter picked out her trip souvenir here; though it was on the spendy side, I was pleased to learn the price was the same she’d pay at the local Target back home.

We could have done without the toddler tantrum, but it sure made for a memorable trip to the LEGO Store.

Location: Find the LEGO Store in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs, Walt Disney World Resort. A similar LEGO Store is located in the Downtown Disney District, Disneyland Resort.

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